MAC PACK LogoIntroducing the MAC PACK

We are excited to announce the release of APP's new MAC Payments Acquiring Compendium Kit, also known as the "MAC PACK."  The MAC PACK was developed with contributions from more than two dozen members of the Bank Consortium, an APP Strategic Interest Group.  Active members of the Bank Consortium SIG will be able to access the MAC PACK at a discounted rate. 

The MAC PACK is a high-level overview of the payments acquiring space with an in-depth glossary of terms.  The document will serve as a living resource for members new to acquiring and for members to share with their auditors or law enforcement personnel on merchant acquiring activities. 

The MACPACK is temporarily unavailable.  Based on feedback and requests from the Bank Consortium members, we are making some changes.  We will be bringing it back in the near future.  Please watch for the announcements.

Additional information about M@Cademy, including terms and conditions, is also available