Board of Directors

We are committed to diverse and inclusive leadership that brings a wide variety of perspectives and experiences to inform our decision-making and ensure that we best serve our members.  We encourage members interested in participating in APP leadership to explore current volunteer leadership opportunities available or to reach out to

Board Executive Officers

APP's Excecutive Committee consists of its current officers, plus one Director-at-large selected from among existing directors.
  • Shari Savlick
    Shari Savlick
    Vice President, Merchant Compliance Merrick Bank
    President 2023-25
  • Aliki Liadis-Hall
    Aliki Liadis-Hall
    VP, Risk Strategy & Portfolio Analytics Elavon
    President-Elect 2024-25
  • Heather Randall
    Heather Randall
    Chief Compliance Officer Sphere
    Secretary 2024-2027
  • Kevin Lambrix
    Kevin Lambrix
    Senior Vice President Gravity Payments
    Treasurer 2021-24, 2024-27
  • Tim Miller
    Tim Miller
    Senior Vice President - Risk Elavon
    Director at Large 2023-25

Board Directors

Current voting board members with their terms of service. Board terms start each year on June 1. Starting with board members elected in 2021, there is a term limit of two consecutive terms after which a person must rotate off the board as a voting member for one year unless taking an officer position.
  • Angela Ross
    Angela Ross
    CAMLS CEO Interim Member
    Director 23-25
  • David H Press
    David H Press
    Vice President Card Brand Relationships/Card Brand Compliance Paysafe
    Director 23-25
  • Dinah Suppes
    Dinah Suppes
    VP, Risk Management Interim Member
    Director 23-25
  • Domenic Cirone
    Domenic Cirone
    SVP, Acquirer Solutions Equifax
    Director 22-24, 24-26
  • Edward Marshall
    Edward Marshall
    Partner Arnall, Golden, Gregory
    Director 21-23, 23-25
  • Erin Johnston
    Erin Johnston
    ETA CPP Client Experience Manager Chesapeake Bank
    Director 24-26
  • Jacinthia Lawson
    Jacinthia Lawson
    Founder/Managing Partner Risk3-INC
    Director 22-24, 24-26
  • Julie Schwartz
    Julie Schwartz
    VP, Senior Compliance Officer Esquire Bank
    Director 24-26
  • Lance Rich
    Lance Rich
    VP, Underwriting EBizCharge
    Director 24-26
  • Tony Ogden
    Tony Ogden
    Electronic Payments Counsel
    Director 21-23, 23-25