Why Partner with APP?

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Partners are members too.

APP is committed to delivering value to our members because we know the best way to achieve our mission is to help our members achieve theirs. 
That is why it matters when we say that our partners are members too.  

The support of partners is critical to providing high-quality educational programming and networking opportunities. We constantly review our partnership options with input and leadership from our partner members.  Our goal is to craft partnership options that enable all APP member organizations and new partners to actively support our mission while deriving value from their engagement with us.  

Partnership Opportunities

Full Membership

A great place to start and get to know the APP Community better is with full membership.  Once a membership application is approved, partners enjoy a range of benefits, including access to APP education and member-only resources, such as our moderated open community forums.  Full members can also participate in volunteer opportunities as a great way to network and engage with other members.

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Non-profits & NGOs

APP participates in partnerships with other industry associations, non-governmental organizations, academic researchers, and other outside groups.  To discuss partnership opportunities, please contact us.

Event Partnership

Learn more about our events and view our current partner prospectus.


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Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Interested in working with us to craft new products and services, develop a more custom package that meets your specific goals, or explore other opportunities to engage and collaborate with our community? 

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