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Welcome to 7 Things at APP!

Navigating the world of payments can be overwhelming, with an abundance of technical jargon and complex concepts to grasp. But fear not, APP is your gateway to demystifying the payment landscape! Whether you're a business owner, a new payment professional, a curious individual, or a budding entrepreneur, APP is here to provide clear, concise, and beginner-friendly explanations of key terms and concepts in the realm of payments.

"Seven Things" is a new series meant to address topics that are often complicated, confusing, or unclear within payments.  Each document provides a starting point for understanding by addressing a standard set of seven questions:

Image of a 7 Things paper01 | What is it?
02 | How does it work?
03 | Who is doing it?
04 | Why is it significant?
05 | What is the downside?
06 | Where is it going?
07 | What are the implications for payments

For some topics we may add additional pieces in the future that go more in-depth, and we may develop others into full-blown courses for M@Cademy.  Either way, we hope you will join us in the journey to provide educational resources designed to help payment professionals and other stakeholders in the payments ecosystem.

Is there a term, trend, or concept in payments you would like know more about?   We are looking for recommendations for additional Seven Things topics, and for volunteers to help us compose the content. 

If you have a recommendation or would like to help serve as a subject matter expert, please contact us.

Current "7 Things" Topics

Seven things you should know about:

A guide to understanding the fraud scheme known as 'money mules' and their impact on the payments network.
Downloadable PDF. Released March, 2024.

A guide to understanding surcharging from the APP. 
Downloadable PDF. Released August, 2023.