Have a question about something at APP? This APP-FAQ is a good place to start.  Developed by our committees, it contains commonly asked questions submitted to one of our email addresses.  Have a question that is not on this list?  Then please contact us and a staff member or volunteer will get back to you!

This is an ever-evolving and improving page. If you see a way that we can improve this page, please let us know. 

Brand Name Change
  • Didn't you used to be called MAC or the Merchant Acquirer's Committee?
    Yes.  In 2023, after 25 years as MAC, we changed our name to the Association for Payment Professionals (APP).  Our mission did not change.  The name change occurred in response to feedback we received and subsequent market research we conducted.  From that information, we concluded that the original name did not adequately describe who we are today as an organization and where we expect to be in the future.  The name was selected through market research and the involvement of a volunteer committee with representatives from many different stakeholder groups.  The change from MAC to the Association of Payment Professionals (APP) was approved by the Board and became effective on April 7, 2023.
Membership Changes & New Memberships
  • How do I add a new team member? 
    If you are listed as the Primary Contact or have been given Management Access, you can add team members to your organization's membership via your Member Compass
    You can find detailed instructions by clicking this link - click here

  • How do I remove a team member? 
    If you are listed as the Primary Contact or have been given Management Access, you can remove team members via your Member Compass.
    Note: If the individual has left your organization and hasn't joined another, they may be eligible to become wishes to become an Interim Member. Please have them reach out to use with their personal email address and a request at
    You can find detailed instructions on removing the team member by clicking this link - click here

  • I'm no longer at my organization but I want to keep my membership going. What are my options?
    APP offers an 'Interim Membership' to those individuals between organizations. If the outgoing individual would like to continue as a member with limited benefits and are no longer at a qualifying organization then you or they may request an update by emailing us at and providing a new email address. 

  • My organization has a membership, how do I join APP?
    My organization is a member, how come I'm not listed? 
    APP memberships are at the organizational level with individuals being members under the membership umbrella. This means that in order to receive APP member benefits, you will need to become a member. There is only one membership dues invoice which is paid annually. For most organizations, this means an unlimited number of employees can be added as needed. The exception is those smaller organizations with 2 or fewer members who can add members but may be moved up to the unlimited option. 
    If you don't see yourself listed, please click the Join button or follow this link to join - click here.

  • My organization just applied for membership. How come I don't see any benefits yet? 
    APP volunteers on the Membership Committee review and approves all new members to verify their information. This typically takes up to five business days but can vary based on several factors. During this time, you will have limited membership including event discounts and the ability to register for upcoming events. 

  • Why can't I change my email address? 
    Why can't we set up a generic member or email address? 
    APP memberships are tied to your company which has been validated and approved for membership. This means APP requires a valid work email address to be tied to your membership. APP does not allow generic (i.e. risk@ or underwriting@) email addresses. 
    These practices are similar to KYC and underwriting best practices many of our members use in their day-to-day operations. 
    If you are trying to change your email address to a personal email because you left the organization, please email us your request at

  • Why can't I change the company I'm listed under? 
    I changed jobs, what do I do now? 
    Because APP memberships are set at the organizational level, updating an individual's company requires an APP Admin. 
    If you are changing to an organization that is APP member, please contact us to request a change. Please include your new email address and title. 
    If you are changing to an organization that is not currently a APP member AND you have already transitioned (with a working email), please join as a new member.  You can do so at this link - click here. If you haven't changed yet or expect a longer transition time, please contact us with your personal email address and a request and we'll transition you to an Interim Membership until you are ready. 

Member Benefits
  • My team is hiring. How do I post a Career Opportunity? 
    APP is filled with amazing members who obviously care about fighting fraud, educating themselves, and improving those around them. They make a great pool of candidates. Using the APP Alert System, you can send an email to all members with your job post.
    You can find detailed instructions on posting a Career Opportunity by clicking this link - click here.

  • I'm currently looking for a new position. Can I search past Career Opportunities alerts?
    Yes. When an organization is hiring they can submit Career Opportunities via the APP Alert System. These are sent out via email but you can search past postings in the Alerts Page - click here You can find detailed instructions on how to search for past Career Opportunity posts by clicking this link - click here. 
Member Alert System
  • Where can I go for more information about the APP Alerts system?
    There is a whole separate page to answer every question you may have regarding the APP Alerts system. You can find it by visiting Alert FAQs page. 

  • Why am I not receiving any of those APP Alerts I hear so much about? 
    Fraud Alerts, Agent/ISO Inquiries, MATCH, and Merchant Information Requests are four Alerts that are role-based and can only be accessed by those who carry risk and work with risk and fraud on a day-to-day basis. If you feel like your organization or yourself should be receiving these types of Alerts please contact-us.

  • So many emails! How do I stop receiving so many of those Alert emails?
    Of course! We understand that receiving so many alert emails can be overwhelming especially if you don't need to receive fraud alerts. We have a current list of instructions and options for reducing the volume of Alert emails on our Alerts FAQ page.