Celebrating APP Volunteers

APP Volunteers

There is a new sense of excitement and renewed optimism in the air at APP lately. We have YOU to thank for it. We can say that it is not just post-COVID euphoria – it is because of our amazing volunteers. 

Our accomplishments are the story written by our volunteers. APP is fortunate to have had a great core of volunteers that grew the organization from nothing to what it is today.  We remain committed to inclusivity, personal growth for members, and our mission. 

In addition to the contents of this page, we have additional volunteer recognition programs in the works, including conference perks for volunteers and some other future surprises.  We welcome feedback, suggestions, and (of course) your involvement to continue making our volunteer experiences rewarding and impactful.

THANK YOU to ALL APP Volunteers!  

As we continue to develop our volunteer recognition programs, we will add more details and stories to this website and other resources.  

See also our awards page as we recognize volunteers through our awards program which started in 2022!

Volunteer Spotlights

Each month APP celebrates a different volunteer on our home page as part of our Volunteer Spotlight. These individuals are nominated by other APP members. They may be volunteers who have served APP in leadership roles for a long time or new APP volunteers. We seek to celebrate the diversity of contributions, both big and small, by members across our community. If you would like to nominate a volunteer to be included in a spotlight, please contact us.
  • Robyn Mitchell
    Robyn Mitchell
    Chief Compliance Officer North American Bancard (248)283-6079
    July 2024
  • Julie Schwartz
    Julie Schwartz
    VP, Senior Compliance Officer Esquire Bank 516-615-1698
    June 2024
  • Rye Lewis
    Rye Lewis
    Underwriter TouchSuite (561)609-6171
    May 2024
  • Jonathan Corona
    Jonathan Corona
    Chief Operating Officer MobiusPay
    April 2024
  • James Filomena
    James Filomena
    Assistant Vice President & Risk Officer Esquire Bank (516)535-2002x457
    March 2024
  • Noelle Parise
    Noelle Parise
    Fraud & Risk Investigator North American Bancard (248)269-6000
    February 2024
  • Bill Glass
    Bill Glass
    Chief Operating Officer AltruPay LLC (214)556-8370
    January 2024
  • Starr Eamigh
    Starr Eamigh
    VP Operations Manager Chesapeake Bank (757)941-1315
    December 2023
  • Jordan Bennett
    Jordan Bennett
    ACH Network Risk Management Nacha (703)561-3968
    November 2023
  • Javier Fernandez
    Javier Fernandez
    CFO Salus Payments (805)813-5135
    October 2023
  • Ruben Pizana
    Ruben Pizana
    SVP Risk & Compliance Tidal Commerce (844)200-8996
    September 2023
  • Samantha Cotton
    Samantha Cotton
    Director of Payment Operations Vantage Card Services (800)397-2380
    August 2023
  • Eric Woods
    Eric Woods
    Senior Vice President Loss Prevention Elavon (865)403-8712
    July 2023
  • Marcie Lewis
    Marcie Lewis
    Risk Strategist Platinum Relations
    June 2023
  • David Sundman
    David Sundman
    Enterprise Account Executive LegitScript
    May 2023
  • Dinah Suppes
    Dinah Suppes
    VP, Risk Management Interim Member (847)321-8154
    April 2023
  • Ellen Berge
    Ellen Berge
    Attorney Partner Venable (202)344-4704
    March 2023
  • Lance Rich
    Lance Rich
    VP, Underwriting EBizCharge
    February 2023
  • Maya Barkay
    Maya Barkay
    VP marketing EverC
    January 2023
  • Brady Jacobsen
    Brady Jacobsen
    Senior Director of Sales Interim Member (605)202-1420
    December 2022
  • Elizabeth Pike
    Elizabeth Pike
    President Green Rhino Recruitment (602)421-5059
    November 2022
  • David H Press
    David H Press
    Vice President Card Brand Relationships/Card Brand Compliance Paysafe 281-583-4486
    October 2022
  • Deborah Brown
    Deborah Brown
    EVP and COO (563)359-9564
    September 2022
  • Andrew Bigart
    Andrew Bigart
    Partner Venable (202)344-4323
    August 2022
  • Jennifer Maddux
    Jennifer Maddux
    Technical Compliance Manager Intuit Inc. (805)952-3655
    July 2022
  • Jim Bibles
    Jim Bibles
    SVP Risk Aperia Solutions (214)458-4811
    May 2022
  • Chris Geron
    Chris Geron
    PCIP VP, Global Client Security Elavon (865)403-8852
    April 2022
  • Joe Pickett
    Joe Pickett
    VP, Risk & Compliance Interim Member
    March 2022
  • Barrie VanBrackle
    Barrie VanBrackle
    Partner Latham & Watkins (202)654-7108
    February 2022
  • Vadeene Sisk
    Vadeene Sisk
    VP of Global Disputes Interim Member (865)403-8140
    January 2022
  • Beth Chambo
    Beth Chambo
    Risk Analyst North American Bancard (248)269-6000
    December 2021
  • Wendy Fuentes
    Wendy Fuentes
    Risk Team Lead 18666932000
    October 2021
  • Eric Thomson
    Eric Thomson
    MBA Priciple KYC Site Scan (650)283-7189
    September 2021
  • Edward Marshall
    Edward Marshall
    Partner Arnall, Golden, Gregory (404)873-8536
    August 2021
  • Daena Sprafka
    Daena Sprafka
    COO Celero Commerce (859)442-8100x370
    July 2021
  • Tony Ogden
    Tony Ogden
    Electronic Payments Counsel BankCardLaw.com (310)888-7746
    June 2021
  • Adrienne Gray
    Adrienne Gray
    CPP SVP, Payments Risk & Compliance Commercial Bank of California (818)274-7658
    May 2021