Busy Schedules Shouldn’t Stop You From Watching MAC’s Educational Programming

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We get it; calendars are full, and our attention is stretched thin nowadays. To solve this challenge, MAC makes the webinar playbacks available so you can watch them on your time. It is one of the many benefits of being part of the MAC community. 

Ready to check out the educational resources available at your fingertips? 

A few of our recent webinars include: 

Reinventing Yourself in a Fast-Changing World
Original Aire Date: August 26

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In recent years, many talented payments professionals have found themselves dealing with the fallout from mergers, downsizing, and layoffs. Whether the changes are thrust upon you, or you choose to make changes proactively, it can be extremely difficult to decide what direction to pursue. What risks are you willing to take? How far out of your comfort zone makes sense?  Hear from two industry veterans who reinvented themselves later in life and found that you’re never too old to find your passion.

A Look at How Senior Acquirer Executives Thoughts on PCI Compliance and Security for Smaller Merchants is Evolving
Original Air Date: July 23

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During this webinar, Sysnet shared its 4th Annual PCI Acquirer Sentiment Survey results, giving insight into the thoughts of senior acquirer executives regarding L4 merchants’ PCI compliance status and ability to protect their business and customers from the effects of cyberattacks. We examine if acquirers feel it is their responsibility to help merchants go beyond PCI compliance to protect their business. We also look at how COVID 19 has impacted acquirers' view of merchant security and their belief in how merchants think about compliance and security.

AMG Capital Management, LLC v. Federal Trade Commission. A Sea Change in FTC Enforcement

Original Air Date: May 25
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Learn about the unanimous, landmark decision of the Supreme Court in the case, in which the Justices put the brakes on one of the FTC’s most prevalent enforcement tactics—seeking monetary relief under Section 13b of the FTC Act.  The webinar will also explore this decision’s effect on FTC litigation that was in progress as of its release date.

Gaming in the Payments Industry

Original Air Date: May 11

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Join panelists from the MAC Government Relations Committee to learn about the role of payments in supporting online gaming. Panelists will help untangle the legal framework for lawful gaming and comment on lessons learned from the past. Participants will also learn the differences among state frameworks for online gaming and sports wagering with insight into how card networks, banks, and processors have approached the industry. We will also review legal compliance and operational controls needed to set up responsible gaming programs.

Webinar playbacks are one of many member benefits of MAC. We encourage you to join the community to learn more about MAC and how it champions on your behalf in the payments industry.