APP Board Elects Next President-Elect, Aliki Liadis-Hall

Posted By: Shari Savlick APP Dispatch, People News,

The Association of Payment Professionals is proud to announce the selection of Aliki Liadis-Hall as its new President-Elect by the Board of Directors. Currently, she is serving as the Chief Compliance Officer and Secretary of the Board. Aliki’s term as President-Elect will commence on June 1, 2024 serving with the current President, Shari Savlick. Aliki will then ascend to the role of Presidency in May 2025 for a two-year term. 

Having dedicated over a decade of service to the Board of Directors, Aliki's tenure with the Association is marked by her versatile contributions and leadership across various capacities. Since joining the Board in 2009, she has played a pivotal role in the Association's growth and evolution. Her tenure as Vice-President during 2016-17, her long-standing leadership as the Membership Committee Chairperson, and her instrumental role in leading the Website Redevelopment Task Force are just a few highlights of her extensive contributions. Aliki accepting the "Donut Award" given to "outstanding volunteers who contribute to APP consistently over time."

Under her guidance in the Membership Committee, the Association witnessed a significant transformation in its membership model, which led to an increase in individual members from 1,300 to nearly 2,400. With a strong background in compliance, Aliki took on the Chairperson role of the Policy and Procedure Manual Task Force, ushering in a modern policy framework that has become a cornerstone of the Association's operations and led to her selection as the Governance Chairperson. Through the years, her leadership extended to the Bank Consortium Special Interest Group (SIG), the DEI Sub-Committee, and the Event Logistics Committee, showcasing her commitment to inclusivity and excellence in all facets of the organization's activities.

A respected subject matter expert, Aliki has been a vibrant presence both on stage and behind the scenes, sharing her knowledge as a speaker and serving as a mentor to new volunteers. Her election as President-Elect is a testament to her unwavering dedication, visionary leadership, and the profound impact she has had on the Association of Payment Professionals.

The Board is confident that Aliki Liadis-Hall's presidency will herald a new era of growth and innovation for the Association. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Aliki on her well-deserved election and look forward to her leadership in the years to come.

Note -
APP elects Presidents in a rotation style with a new incoming President serving one year as the President-Elect, two years as the President, and a final year as the Immediate-Past President.