Are You Ready For Your Next ACH Audit? Are you Sure?

Posted By: Brian Reddoch APP Dispatch, Events,

Register for the MAC Midwest and hear ACH audit expert, Pam Rodriguez, present “The ACH Audit Final Exam:  What is Your GPA?”. This full-day seminar will take place on October 4th in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Pam’s session will assess where your organization scores during the ACH Audit Final Exam.  Are you a high achieving Valedictorian, an average C-Student, or on Academic Probation?!  Learn how to improve your grades and aspire to be at the top of your class with the ACH Audit requirements.

Other sessions will cover topics for risk and compliance teams such as MATCH, the Risk Analyst role, and reading credit reports. Attendees will earn six (6) CPP credits. 

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