Dispatch Countdown Issues: Dec 23 & 30, 2020

APP Dispatch,

The last two weeks of the year provide a countdown on the most read articles in MAC Dispatch in 2020


Link to MAC Dispatch for the week of Dec 23, 2020 (Counts down articles 30-16):



Link to MAC Dispatch for the week of Dec 30, 2020 (Counts down articles 15-1):




December 23, 2020 Articles:

  1. Payment processing services: Change was inevitable
  2. UPI transactions on the rise: Is this indicative of a systemic shift?
  3. The American consumer is flush with cash after paying down debt
  4. The impact of SARs disclosures on financial institutions
  5. Touchless is pushing payments beyond the card
  6. Verizon: Just 25 per cent of global businesses comply fully with the Payment Card Industry Data
  7. Mastercard announces newest participants in FinTech accelerator program
  8. Why aggregation is key to tackling fake medicines
  9. 14 finance experts share their biggest fintech predictions for 2021
  10. How to fight against 'authorized payment fraud'
  11. Secretive high-end art world can be vehicle for dirty money, US Treasury warns
  12. New Vizom malware discovered targets Brazilian bank customers with remote overlay attacks
  13. Use of cash has decreased while Payment as a Service (PaaS) platforms have increased during pandemic
  14. Lois Greisman, FTC's Associate Director for Marketing Practices, receives 42nd Annual Roger W.
  15. PayPal to open up network to cryptocurrencies


December 30, 2020 Articles:

  1. UK lawmakers are launching a formal inquiry based on the FinCEN files
  2. The COVID payment fraud acceleration
  3. OLB Group expands support for Apple Pay and Google Pay
  4. CBDCs mean evolution, not revolution
  5. JPMorgan Chase takes on Square and PayPal with smartphone card reader, faster deposits for merchants
  6. Cybercrime task force monitoring the global digital financial system
  7. Silent Eight leverages AI to detect and solve financial crime
  8. The payments industry's role in cybersecurity
  9. Bain Capital Ventures: 2020 is B2B payments' breakout year
  10. 6 money laundering reforms that experts say need to happen right now
  11. Crooks are creating synthetic shoppers
  12. Artificial Intelligence reshaping risk management in the BFSI sector
  13. Real-time payments industry is set to undergo radical changes
  14. USAA Bank fined $85 million by federal regulators for 'violations of law'
  15. Perspective: MAC President and the Year in Review