Dispatch Issue: 11/11/2020

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Articles in this week's issue:


  • Save The Dates: MAC Tech Day(s) - March 2-4, 2021
  • Upcoming MAC Webinar - High on Payments - Friday, Nov. 20
  • ETA CPP Continuing Education (CE) Credits


  • The COVID payment fraud acceleration
  • Secretive high-end art world can be vehicle for dirty money, US Treasury warns
  • Mastercard announces newest participants in FinTech accelerator program
  • FinCEN Files reporting from North Africa and the Middle East
  • Why aggregation is key to tackling fake medicines
  • Payment processing services: Change was inevitable
  • The race to be China's top fintech platform: Ant vs Tencent
  • Going digital with payments? Beware of the financial fraudster
  • Trends in cross border payments
  • The impact of SARs disclosures on financial institutions
  • Why Mastercard has hope for small business' recovery
  • UPI transactions on the rise: Is this indicative of a systemic shift?