Dispatch Issue: 2/3/2021

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Articles in this week's issue:


  • Why you need to attend Tech Day(s)
  • MAC Community - We need your help!



  • Amazon expands its biometric payment offering to more stores
  • B2B payment trends to watch for
  • New healthcare study: Emergency intervention needed for patient payments, experiences
  • Credit card fraud will increase due to the COVID pandemic, experts warn
  • Invisible payments bring visible benefits and risks
  • As contactless menu ordering becomes the norm amid COVID, China pushes back
  • Top m-commerce trends to look for in 2021
  • Combating rising card fraud during a pandemic
  • Top 5 fintech trends that will shape financial markets in 2021
  • Payments in 2021: Five trends driving industry transformation
  • Video: Goodbye cards, hello open payments
  • Italian Banking Association embraces need for speed for future of real-time payments
  • The growing popularity of no-transaction fraud
  • Ransomware payments are going down as more victims decide not to pay up
  • Taking the Swedish approach to instant payments ubiquity