Dispatch Issue: 3/24/2021

APP Dispatch,

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Articles in this week's issue:


  • MAC announces change in membership dues structure
  • New leadership and growth opportunities are open



  • Banks large and small turn to fintech friends for modernization
  • Digital banking trends evolve in 2021, but customer needs stay the same
  • Digital wallets are now the most popular payment method in the world
  • More physician practices move to contactless payment options
  • 3 classes of account fraud that can cost your company big time
  • Kessler hotel chain takes high road on crypto payments
  • Payment trends that are empowering consumers
  • Afriex raises $1.2 million seed to scale its payments and remittances platform across Africa
  • QR code payments are convenient, great for distancing, and targets for fraud
  • Real-time payments: Everything you need to know
  • SPAC boom or bubble? Another fintech SPAC launches amid lurking question
  • The future of payments: 3 forces challenging the status quo
  • The U.S. unemployment system is plagued by $63 billion in fraud and dysfunction