Dispatch Issue: 6/23/21

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Archived Link: June 23, 2021

Articles in this week's issue:
  • Fintech 'sandboxes' in Arizona, other states, aim to attract companies
  • The digital payments genie is out of the bottle for healthcare providers
  • Open banking opens doors to the future of payments
  • The future of payments: Meeting instant expectations
  • BigCommerce: Digital payments, and the importance of payment innovation in ecommerce success
  • In fighting fraud, educating the customer is key: Interview with Nordea
  • $5.5 billion fintech firm Revolut's losses mounted in 2020 but crypto gave it a big boost
  • Turning bill pay from inefficient time-waster to engaging service
  • GoDaddy launches own payments solution for small businesses
  • Amazon opens Fintech Lab in Dubai
  • The future of consumer financing depends on banks and how they can catch up with the fintechs
  • Digital payments company Wise to go public on LSE via a direct listing
  • Fintech founders, stop trying to build a European WeChat
  • Study: How 73 million highly connected consumers are pioneering the connected economy