How the July (and Other) Webinars Come Together With Collaboration

Posted By: Brian Reddoch APP Dispatch,

How the July (and Other) Webinars Come Together With Collaboration

It happens quite often. A member discusses a topic they would like to know more about and a few months later there is a webinar featuring it. For example, look at our July webinar about Gaming in Payments and how it came into existence at Level Up. 

A volunteer on the Conference Program committee asked an attendee what topic they felt they would really benefit from hearing an expert speak about. They mentioned ‘Gaming’ and the new rules impacting payments. Standing nearby was Teresa Kananen from AGG who has presented on the topic before. A conversation later and we found our July installment of the APP Monthly Education Webinar Series. A quintessential moment of how the Association of Payment Professionals runs. 

“That is the power of Level Up. You make connections - have a conversation with an acquaintance and they will introduce you to someone who can give you the answer. We do the same thing when we create the program schedules for APP’s webinars, Regionals Roadshow, and the annual Level Up conference,” said Jennifer Maddux, APP’s Conference Program Chairperson. 

APP has quite a number of webinars scheduled for you and your team over the rest of the year - Ten to Be Exact. And this high volume was because of members like you. Our members at the recent Level Up did exactly what t APP members do best - they collaborated and discussed the issues impacting their daily risk and compliance lives. Our volunteers listened and went to work on crafting the upcoming slate of webinars. You made suggestions and now we have webinars planned. When we say APP is a member-driven organization, we mean it.

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