MAC Alerts reach 1,000+ alerts since re-launch

Posted By: Kristen Holmes (deleted) APP Updates,

Congratulations MAC Members, your due diligence and fraud-fighting efforts have reached a new milestone: 1,000+ MAC Alerts! This is the true spirit of community collaboration we strive for at MAC! 

Since re-launching in our new platform, we continue to see the value of MAC Alerts. The Alerts provide a communication tool for our members to share information to manage risk and fraud. These important and timely updates strengthen the integrity of the payment ecosystem and are a resource for all active members. 

MAC currently offers two types of alerts.

  • Unrestricted: Open to all Members. Alerts in these categories will be kept for member review, and community responses may also be posted publicly and kept.
  • Restricted: Restricted alerts are sent to approved members only based on job role and organization type. Alerts submitted in these categories are NOT retained in the MAC community, and responses go directly to the poster and not to the MAC community.  Members wanting access to these categories must apply and meet the board-approved criteria.

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