Trending topics for Level Up 21

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Ahoy, MAC! The Agenda Committee is fast at work finalizing the educational lineup for Level Up 21. We don’t want you to be left ashore for this virtual event. Here’s a recap of the current educational ports. Register today to take advantage of this payment industry voyage. 

Live! Sessions - designed to foster interaction and collaboration among your peers

  • How to Be More Creative at Work, brought to you by SecurityMetrics
  • In the Weeds on Cannabis and Payments
  • The Rocks on the Shoreline: A Lighthouse View of the Upcoming Major AML Upgrades
  • Negative-Option Billing: Risky Merchant Behaviors and Tactics from LegitScript
  • A Payment Facilitator Panel Looks at the Upcoming Changes and Potential Lurking Monsters
  • Merchant On-Boarding: The Gotchas of Automation from Agreement Express
  • Cybersecurity and the Future, brought to you by Sysnet
  • Mastercard Card Testing
  • Nailing Jell-O to the Wall: Monitoring Constantly Evolving Critical Data
  • The Dark Web - Rise of Compliance and Cybersecurity

At Your Leisure Sessions - designed for a “deeper dive” when your schedule allows

  • ACH – The Network: Setting New Records, Ever-evolving, and Innovating
  • Are Storm Clouds Forming on the Government Relations Horizon?
  • If I Was a Cybercriminal, What Would I Do?
  • Cashless Trends in Casinos, On-Line Gaming, and Lotteries
  • Remote Interviewing: Creating an Effective Crew on Distant Shores
  • Securing Remote Payments in a Digital World

Plus, dedicated networking time, access to industry resources, and a virtual trade show with solution providers.

What’s stopping you from registering?  Send us a note so we can help!