Volunteer: Blog posts on emerging technologies

Posted By: Mark Nelson APP Monitor, Volunteer Openings,

MAC is looking to develop a regular series of blog posts on various emerging technology topics and trends.  We are looking for one or more volunteers to either help write or source these blog posts.  Posts would typically be about 1-2 pages in length and might cover cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and related topics from an educational and non-commercial perspective.  We are seeking pieces that are either:

  • Foundational:  explaining the technology or issues for consideration for people who might be unfamiliar with it or new to the payment community.
  • Applied: discussing topics related to the technology for people who might know something about it, but would not consider themselves to be expert or advanced.  
  • Advanced-strategic:  discussing or presenting more advanced topics for consideration, generally geared toward individuals who have a higher level of knowledge and expertise.

We welcome recommendations for possible contributors as well as suggestions for possible topics. Contributors do not have to be MAC members, but all posts are reviewed prior to being accepted for posting. We can start with low frequency (one every 1-2 months) and increase volume over time.  This is a great opportunity for someone to develop new leadership skills, develop writing skills, and demonstrate thought leadership within the payment community.  

If you are interested, please contact us.  We will update this post in the future when we have a form prepared that can automatically accept submissions for review.