Organization Overview

EverC is focused on powering growth for the ecommerce ecosystem. Our automated AI-driven, cross-channel risk management solution rapidly detects high-risk merchants and transaction laundering, removes illicit products and services, and provides ongoing monitoring to uncover evolving risks. Learn more at!
Maya Barkay
Maya Barkay VP marketing
Aileen McDonough
Aileen McDonough Director of Content Marketing
Alana Herbst Transaction Laundering Team Leader
Aliona Bekariuk Risk Operations Manager
Crissa Gillette Director of Sales
Fernando Castellanos Chief Revenue Officer
Ilan Adler Product Marketing Manager
Inna Sudakova Account Manager
Ishai Froind Chief Product Officer
John Hughes Strategic Accounts Director
Liam Weberman Account Manager
Maya Shabi Risk and Payments Specialist
Melissa Sutherland VP
Olena Korkushko Risk Operations Analyst
Paul Feldman Sales
Renan Levi Senior Risk Operations Analyst
Rodger Tordoya Customer Success
Sarah Yates Sales Enablement Manager
Stav Barhum Risk Insight Team Leader
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