Fraud Trends SIG

This SIG launches in May 2023.  Please watch for upcoming announcements and volunteer opportunities.

Fraud Trends Logo


The Strategic Interest Group on Fraud Trends will provide a forum to connect and educate MAC members on current trends and best practices related to fraud identification and prevention in the payments industry. The group will also monitor developments in compliance requirements and expectations of payment networks and regulators as they relate to monitoring, reporting, or mitigating fraud and other forms of illegal transactions in the payment ecosystem.


In its first few meetings, the SIG will define the scope of its planned activities.  

We encourage members from diverse backgrounds and organizational types to volunteer for this SIG. From small to large, there are many possible volunteer roles to fill related to this SIG in the year ahead.  Examples include:  

Contributing to short (1 or 2 page) articles on specific topics for distribution to APP members;

  • Finding or serving as guest speakers for the SIG, webinars, or the annual conference;
  • Moderating a community alerts board specific to this SIG;
  • Sharing updates or sharing articles of interest to the group on ongoing or emerging fraud trends;
  • Being part of the creation and evaluation of educational content as part of M@Cademy;
  • Collaborating on the creation of a new community within APP that is inclusive and focused on a topic area central to the work of many APP members.


This is expected to be an open SIG where any current APP member can join.  We are considering two tiers of engagement:

  • Tier 1: Followers – these members may access the SIG Fraud Community area that will be created in APP Alerts and participate via that channel, but would not be official SIG members
  • Tier 2: Active Members – these members would be actively involved in SIG activities such as participating in monthly meetings, or contributing content to educational, publication, or other efforts.

Details on how to join the Fraud SIG will be coming in May 2023.  If you would like to volunteer and be a part of creating this SIG, then please contact us with your interest.