Build your Level Up 21 agenda map.

Posted By: Kristen Holmes (deleted) APP Dispatch,

Ahoy, MAC members!

Our navigational voyage for Level Up 21 will take you to unchartered waters never before seen. Enjoy the live educational sessions with your crewmates, and then come back for more on-demand sessions at your leisure. Level Up 21 will offer a jampacked schedule of education and networking over the course of two days, as you’ve never seen before.

On-Demand / At Your Leisure Sessions

Remote Interviewing: Creating an Effective Crew on Distant Shores  

Liz Pike, Managing Director, Green Rhino Recruiting

Join this session for top tips on how to uncover the strong collaborators during the interview process and how to hire long-term performers remotely. Dive into post-pandemic hiring trends in payments and fintech, and understand how you can build a strong hiring process and remote team.

Cashless Trends in Casinos, Online Gaming and Lotteries

Christopher Granger, Lottery & Gaming Lead, Visa Inc.

Gambling has become one of America’s most popular forms of entertainment. Betting on sporting events is now legal in 27 states and Washington D.C., multi-state lottery jackpots continue to hit all-time highs, and casinos throughout the country are back open for business. All these factors have led to a significant jump in payment innovations and volumes in the gambling categories. This session will provide an overview on the payment trends across the brick-and-mortar casinos, online sportsbooks, and state lotteries.