Dispatch Issue: 1/13/2021

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Articles in this week's issue:


  • A Message from MAC President Stephen Prince
  • Convince your leaders why you should attend MAC Tech Day(s)


  • The perfect theft: The increase in card-not-present fraud
  • 2021 predictions: A little less fraud and a little more innovation, please!
  • Breaking the cycle of e-commerce payments fraud
  • Is Bitcoin the future of credit card rewards?
  • Payments as a Service, ready for prime time?
  • What's in store for secure payment card issuance?
  • Watch for these trends in credit cards this year
  • Banks still have cards to play in payments race
  • Virtual cards drive consumerization of B2B payments
  • Managing fraud successfully when navigating the digital shift
  • The biggest business benefits of integrated digital payments
  • How PayPal makes money