Dispatch Issue: 9/8/21

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Archived Link: September 8, 2021

Articles in this week's issue:

  • 5,000 'Need it now' consumers tell PYMNTS what they expect, value most from retailers
  • 9 tech and payment trends shaping community institutions' future
  • £32 million of financial fraud stopped in first half of 2021
  • BP Ventures invests $11.9 million in in-car payments provider Ryd to support expansion
  • Challenges and future trends in cryptography
  • Preventing payment fraud in a post-COVID world
  • Real-time payments poised to push the needle in ecommerce
  • Late payments create 'dangerous domino effect' for businesses
  • Credit unions turn to tech, education to blunt real-time payment fraud
  • U.S. B2B payments declined in 2020, but the pandemic spurred businesses to try different payment options
  • Buy now, pay later: The 'new' payments trend generating $100 billion in sales
  • Consumers want self-service checkout options but rarely get to use them
  • Are you ready for FinTech? Top countries that are providing new solutions
  • PhonePe Pulse unveils interesting trends on digital payments in India
  • SurePay raises €12.2 million to help prevent payment fraud
  • Meet Uruguay's fintech tycoons powering payments for Netflix and Amazon