Disptach Issue: 11/3/21

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Archived Link: November 3, 2021

Articles in this week's issue:

  • FBI raids Chinese point-of-sale giant PAX Technology
  • Update: POS device maker pax draws scrutiny following allegations of 'strange network activity'
  • PAX security executive resigns a day after FBI raids on offices
  • Deep dive: How businesses can tap APIs to speed up lagging B2B payments processes
  • Crypto is next fintech battle for India's Gen Z
  • 4 ways artificial intelligence will change fintech
  • Is there a place for banks in a fintech-driven future?
  • Defining synthetic identity fraud once and for all
  • Apple objects to 'mechanism' for outside payments in apps in its App Store
  • 5 things to consider when choosing a payment gateway
  • Reducing fraud and mitigating misdirected payments with CoP
  • What is Alipay and is it safe to use?
  • The pandemic catalyzed the expansion of digital payments in Latin America
  • Understanding cybersecurity management for fintech: Cybersecurity threats in fintech
  • New study: Understanding consumer desire for product protection and extended warranties
  • How the 'invisible' population can be seen: Using alternative data to help SME funding