Its Not Just a New Year Eve Ball Dropping – Level Up Session Titles Are Dropping Too

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Its Not Just a New Year Eve Ball Dropping – Level Up Session Titles Are Dropping Too

It is a new year and that means MAC’s annual conference is right around the corner. We’re are excited to start dropping session details for Level Up 23. Register today and join us March 28-30 in Las Vegas. This week we’re excited to talk about three specific sessions on surcharging, disputes, and PCI.

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Crash Course: The Supernova of Surcharging, Cash Discounting, and How Stuff Works

Feeling like trying to stay on top of the Surcharging and Cash Discounting rules and limitations is like jumping into a black hole? We don’t think the magnitude is quite that bad, and we’re here to help pull you back to the light and set you on the right trajectory. A panel of experts will discuss what is actually happening, what questions are still lingering, and what legal and regulatory implications are expected in the near future.

Ginger Bergman, SVP Business and Risk Control - Bank of America
Theresa Kananen, Partner - AGG
Corey Bingham, Senior Product Manager - Bank of America
Shari Savlick, Vice President, Merchant Compliance - Merrick Bank

All Hands-On Deck: Strengthening Your Merchant Portfolio During Economic Uncertainty

An economic downturn can be a serious threat to acquirers, but it can also be an opportunity. Every recession comes with a spike in fraud and chargebacks, and many merchants will struggle to deal with these challenges on their own. Some acquirers will lose revenue as merchants enter monitoring programs or close up shop for good. Others will spring to the aid of their merchants in a time of need, earning lifelong customers and a sterling reputation. Join us to learn how you can help your merchants navigate difficult circumstances, strengthening their businesses as well as your own.

Suresh Dakshina,
Co-Founder & President - Chargeback Gurus

PCI DSS v.4.0: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Compliance

This session will discuss changes and updates brought by Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) version 4.0 and steps on how to become compliant with the new standard. It will also discuss how to develop a mindset of security instead of viewing compliance as a checklist item. You'll learn how to start becoming compliant with PCI DSS v4.0 and how to combat common threats to businesses. 

Michael Simpson
Principal Security Analyst - SecurityMetrics

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