Level Up 23 Presentations

Posted By: Brian Reddoch Events,

Level Up was the biggest annual conference we've had yet. If you missed it or just wanted to review the presentations from home, we've collected some of the decks and posted them below. Not all decks are shareable for a variety of reasons. 

NOTE - not all of the shareable decks have been included below. Check back over the next week for new items. 
Last Updated - 4/11/23

  • Crash Course: The Supernova of Surcharging, Cash Discounting, and How Stuff Works - Click Here
  • Deep Impact: What Recent Law Enforcement and Class Actions Can Mean to the Payments Industry - Click Here
  • A Transaction Laundering Odyssey: How One Website Unraveled a Universe of Fraudulent Merchants - Click Here
  • Turbulence Ahead: What Monitoring Data Tells Us About Risks on the Horizon - Click Here
  • The ACH Audit Final Exam: What is Your GPA? - Click Here
  • Nacha Update – ACH’s Spatial Position in Payments - Click Here
  • PCI DSS v.4.0: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Compliance - Click Here
  • Unchartered Skies? Working with Merchants with Non-Traditional Banks - Click Here
  • Government Relations Panel: Payments Regulation & Law Enforcement - Click Here
  • Cyber Investigations of Suspect Merchants: Tips and Tricks for Underwriters and Compliance Teams - Click Here
  • Strengthening Your Merchant Portfolio During Economic Uncertainty - Click Here
  • Some of Your Merchant Data is Wrong... and Why it Matters - Click Here