Open Call for Volunteers

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As MAC approaches its 25th year we are hard at work continuously meet the needs of our members and partners more effectively.  We have many exciting things planned based on member feedback, and we need your help to accelerate our delivery of new benefits and value.

This open call for volunteers offers an opportunity for members and nonmembers to support the implementation of our plan to CREATE the next level of impact at MAC. 

As a MAC volunteer, you will be part of a passionate group of professionals dedicated to preserving the integrity of the payments ecosystem.  While all volunteers are welcome, we are especially seeking individuals interested in collaborating with us in the following areas:

  • Developing and launching new initiatives related to our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion objectives.
  • Crafting content, direction, and member engagement opportunities for our Social Impact initiatives.
  • Teaming up with peers to elevate our Educational Programs and guide the development of new resources that keep members informed and support career growth.
  • Communicating our messages to current and future members and partners to maintain our high levels of member satisfaction and ensure we keep evolving to meet their changing needs.
  • Creating compelling new value for MAC members by contributing to content generation.
  • Establishing stronger volunteer recognition programs and continuing to bring more fun into the MAC volunteer experience.

By volunteering for MAC, you have an opportunity to contribute your knowledge, expertise, and ideas to advance one of the leading organizations in the payments ecosystem.  It is also a great opportunity to develop new relationships, grow professionally, and gain experience in new areas that will increase your value to your current employer.

Still looking for more motivation to volunteer?  Please see our “why volunteer” resources.

So please – whether you have 30 minutes to spare just once, or would like to experience the benefits of even deeper engagement, consider accepting this open invitation by completing our online volunteer form today!  [And if you like, bring a friend!]