Explore These Newly Announced Level Up Sessions

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Grab your helmet and your team as you prepare for the launch of Level Up 23. You will experience three packed days of exploring the known and unknown spaces of the risk and compliance space. This year we have an itinerary filled with adventure - impact sessions and community events. You'll get best practices, tips, tricks, and insights that you won't want to miss. 

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All Hands-On Deck: Strengthening Your Merchant Portfolio During Economic Uncertainty

Class action lawsuits and law enforcement actions have been hitting the payments ecosystem, kicking up quite a bit of space dust. Our panel of experts will explore the resulting craters and examine both the pebbles and asteroids. You will hear about the long-term impacts and what the next meteor shower might be. They will discuss merchant recruiting, contracting, stepping over the regulatory lines in the sand, and the concept of "going Canadian style." 

Ed Marshall
Partner - AGG

Nicole Meisner
Partner  - Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP

Ellen Berge
Partner - Venable

Nacha Update – ACH’s Spatial Position in Payments

Jeanette will provide attendees with important updates on several key issues regarding the ACH Network. Did you know that Same Day ACH was increased to $1M per entry for both debit and credit? How about the new late-night delivery from ACH Operators? The modern ACH Network continues to change and grow. For example, you’ll hear about the success story of business-to-business payments which saw an increase of 13% in 2022, and about micro-entries and how Nacha is addressing those payments as the industry moves to implement stronger controls, and everything in-between to ready your organization for participation with ACH.

Jeanette Fox
Sr. Director of Risk Investigations, ACH Network, Risk Management - Nacha

Crash Course: The Supernova of Surcharging, Cash Discounting, and How Stuff Works

Feeling like trying to stay on top of the Surcharging and Cash Discounting rules and limitations is like jumping into a black hole? We don’t think the magnitude is quite that bad, and we’re here to help pull you back to the light and set you on the right trajectory. A panel of experts will discuss what is actually happening, what questions are still lingering, and what legal and regulatory implications are expected in the near future.

Ginger Bergman, SVP Business and Risk Control - Bank of America
Theresa Kananen, Partner - AGG
Corey Bingham, Senior Product Manager - Bank of America
Shari Savlick, Vice President, Merchant Compliance - Merrick Bank

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