Volunteer Spotlight - March 2023

Posted By: Diane Driscoll APP Monitor, People News,

Ellen is an unsung hero of MAC. She is a regular presenter at MAC events, a contributor to articles and blogs, hosts the Government Relations annual webinar, and speaks at Strategic Interest Groups (SIGs) such as the Bank Consortium and the Government Relations. Ellen is currently Co-Chair of the Government Relations SIG and has served as its Area of Focus leader for Legislation and Regulatory Enforcement since 2016. Ellen was also pivotal in hosting and coordinating last year's East Regional event. Ellen has been a last-minute speaker countless times over the years. And, she was a foundational role in developing the Bank Consortium to get it launched. And lastly, Ellen brings MAC's sense of community and collaboration into every MAC interaction. 

Nominated by Brian Reddoch,
Shari Savlcick, and Chris Geron