Welcome to the M@Cademy

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Welcome to the M@Cademy


When asked for three words that describe MAC, the most common word by far is “education.” MAC has a strong reputation when it comes to education about risk, compliance, and fraud in the payment ecosystem. As we look to the future, we will focus our innovation and resources on continuing to improve our educational offerings. We are looking for subject matter experts (SMEs) and other volunteers to help us as we prepare to launch a new educational initiative in 2023 called M@Cademy.

M@Cademy grew out of observations by volunteers and responses on member surveys that MAC should provide more 101 educational opportunities. With the launch of our Member Compass and tracking of educational experiences last year, and with our new, more inclusive membership model, more members are asking us to expand our educational offerings. So following research, evaluation, modeling, and discussion, this year the MAC Board agreed to make a significant commitment to a new educational offering. We recently partnered with a leading provider of adult education to work with us to convert content into engaging online educational experiences. That offering is M@Cademy.

More information about M@Cademy will be available as we approach Level Up. Currently, we seek SMEs and other volunteers to work with us as we continue to develop career pathways, model the future curriculum, and produce the first courses. We will be starting with “101”-level content focused on our educational niche, and we will move toward more advanced content to support our members across their career. M@Cademy will complement our other educational offerings that are currently in place and planned for the future.

To make all of this happen, we need volunteers. It is a great opportunity to build your reputation, share knowledge, demonstrate thought leadership, and help advance payment careers. It is an opportunity to make a lasting impact on the MAC community and support MAC’s efforts to innovate and evolve. 

Please drop us a note at volunteer@macmember.org or fill out our online volunteer form to let us know how you would like to engage in this effort. Please feel free to invite a colleague or co-worker to participate as well.