Your Organizational Membership Includes Everyone - Are You Missing Anyone?

Posted By: Brian Reddoch APP Monitor,

Did you know that that MAC recently updated their membership structure to an unlimited model? If your organization has 3 or more members already then there is no cost to add as many as you need!

This means everyone in your risk team gets access to the educational webinars. 
This means everyone in your sales team can network with potential clients at our events. 
This means everyone in leadership can join a MAC special interest group.

And, adding them will not impact your budget. 

When we say MAC is for Everyone we mean everyone. Everyone can receive the benefits and value MAC brings to your industry role and the education, networking, and support we provide to your organization, and its impact on the payment ecosystem. 

MAC’s mission is to share quality, industry-led education that focuses on protecting the integrity of the payment ecosystem. We share strategies and best practices to strengthen our members’ efforts to preserve the payment ecosystem through our cutting-edge education led by industry experts. 

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