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Fortis is the only payments partner dedicated to transforming commerce into your competitive advantage. We’re here to guide you through your unique commerce journey and equip you with the right tools and capabilities for your industry.

Designed to support the commerce needs of:
Software Providers

Our commerce guides have vertical expertise enabling them to tailor our proprietary payments platform to deliver unique commerce experiences for today and tomorrow.
Danny Adame Director of Risk
Allix Mackinen Risk Investigator
Amanda Miller Senior Underwriter
Destiny Ennis Underwriter
Gerald Lannan
Gerald Lannan SVP Risk & Underwriting
Jason Ondriezek
Jason Ondriezek Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Payment Professional Risk Manager
Jeannine Diperi Director of Underwriting & Onboarding
Jennifer Austin Underwriter
Liane Burden Underwriter
Melissa Muir Underwriter
Monica Todd Underwriting Manager
Nicolas Cooley PCI Compliance Specialist
Niko Martinez Risk Manager
Patricia Kerr Risk Investigator
Roxanne Garifo-Tell Sr. Risk Analyst
Shea Drayton Chargeback Specialist
Stephanie Sears Sr. Risk Investigator
Takia Hamilton senior underwriter
Troy Dismuke PCI Compliance Specialist
Wesley Thomas Risk Investigator
APP Logo Payment Member