M@Cademy Course Catalog

What is New?

M@Cademy is a new educational initiative developed based on member feedback and requests.  It is designed to help address training and development needs for individuals new to the industry or profession -- answering the question, "What should every payments professional know about [X]?"   Our first three courses are now live and we are working to expand the range of available courses to nearly a dozen by the end of the calendar year, and more than 20 are now planned for the year ahead.  We are planning to introduce new courses roughly once per quarter and will notify members and past course attendees when new courses are available.


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Current Courses Available:

Level: Introductory   Completion Time:  60-90 minutes.  Eligible for 1 ETA CPP credit.
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Introduction to Payment Fraud

For new payment professionals.  An introduction to payment fraud concepts and terms.

Introduction to ACH Payments

Developed in collaboration with Nacha, an introductory course that covers core concepts and knowledge all payment professionals should know about ACH payments.

Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Developed in collaboration with Chainalysis, a course that introduces the core concepts and technologies behind cryptocurrency as a payment rail, with particular emphasis on risk and compliance topics.

Coming Soon:

We continue to work with SMEs and volunteers to develop additional high-quality, interactive courses for .  Each is at the Introductory to Intermediate Level.  Completion Time:  60-90 minutes.  Eligible for 1 ETA CPP credit upon completion.

Introduction to Risk in Payments 

For new payment professionals, an introduction to managing risk in payments.

Introduction to Chargebacks Developed in collaboration with volunteers, a course for beginners to intermediate payment professionals that covers what every payment professional should know about chargebacks.

Retail to Wholesale ISO Journey

For ISO owners and leaders navigating or considering a shift from a retail to wholesale ISO model.  Also a good course for new or intermediate payment professionals to better understand the relationship, role, and requirements of different types of ISOs in the payment ecosystem.

What is Next??

We currently have more than two dozen courses in development and proposed, covering a broad range of courses for payment professionals and related professions with a focus on risk, compliance, and fraud mitigation in payments.

We are also working on career pathways --specialized sequences of courses to help individuals in specific payment professions or interest areas. Career pathways will be designed to help professionals identify the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in risk management, compliance, underwriting, and related areas within payments at various stages of their careers.

We welcome additional subject-matter experts to participate in developing these courses and ensuring the content and experience meet industry needs and expectations.  We also welcome volunteers interested in helping to "shepherd" one or more courses to completion by supporting staff and the education committee with keeping up to date on the completion status of one or more courses.  Please CONTACT US for more information.