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Introduction to Payment Fraud - 6673

This course is eligible for 1 ETA CPP credit hour.
Target level:  Introductory
Estimated time to complete: 60-90 minutes

Did you know that in 2022 alone, more than US$4BN was lost in the form of payment fraud?  As someone working in payments, what should you know and what can you do to help manage risk and loss? In this course, you will explore how the payments ecosystem works with a focus on credit card transactions and the various parties involved so you can understand authorization flows and learn the key introductory terms.  We will distinguish between payment fraud and payment risk and look at some common forms of each.  Throughout the course, you will have opportunities to check your knowledge so that you are confidently moving forward.  This course will start you on the pathway to understanding the role of payment professionals in managing payment risk and will serve as a foundation for future courses which will explore specific topics related to payment fraud and risk in greater detail. 

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