5-Minute Coffee Break Volunteering: Invite Followers to APP's LinkedIn

Posted By: Diane Driscoll Volunteer Openings,
If you have five minutes this week while enjoying your coffee, would you consider helping the Engagement Committee? 

Request - Please go to LinkedIn and invite your connections in the industry to follow APP. 

Impact - By increasing APP's followers, you increase the potential attendees to APP events and M@Cademy students.  By far the biggest reason new members, learners, and volunteers take the next step in their engagement is because they were asked by another member. 

How To - See screenshot below.
If you visit APP's profile, make sure you're following. 
Find the "More" button and click to bring up a drop-down list. Click on "Invite Connections". 
We recommend that you choose those connections that are in the industry. This will send a passive invitation within LinkedIn.