Empower Your Payment Knowledge: Introducing Two New M@Cademy Courses

Posted By: Mark Nelson APP Dispatch,

We're thrilled to announce the launch of two transformative courses, "Introduction to Cryptocurrency" created in collaboration with Chainalysis, and "Introduction to ACH" developed in partnership with Nacha. These courses delve deep into the realms of modern digital transactions, spotlighting Cryptocurrency's decentralized dynamics and ACH's expansive footprint in today's financial landscape.  Both courses take a practical perspective that APP is known for, with a focus on risk management and compliance designed to strengthen your efforts to keep the payment ecosystem safe.

But there's more that sets these courses apart. While they are asynchronous, allowing you the freedom to learn on your own schedule, they aren't recorded webinars. We've curated the content with leading partners and subject matter experts and then infused them with interactivity, ensuring that every module you engage with reinforces your learning, and prompts active participation. Through a mix of rich interactive and practical content, you're not just learning—you're experiencing.

Harness the future of payments. Join us and elevate the expertise of you and your teams to new heights.

To learn more about these courses and to register, please visit:    https://www.paymentpros.org/products.

Bundled pricing options are available.  Please contact us for more information.