Benefit Guide: Video Playbacks - A Not So Secret Weapon to Catching Past MAC Webinars

Posted By: Brian Reddoch APP Dispatch,
Video Playbacks - A Not So Secret Weapon to Catching Past MAC Webinars
Life is busy and work can be hectic. And, the payments space is even faster. It can be easy to miss something important. MAC understands that working in risk and compliance means you never want to miss anything important. Each installment of our MAC Monthly Webinar Series is recorded and saved to help those members who can’t catch them live. These Video Playbacks are available for all members to access. 

The Video Playbacks are also an excellent way for new hires to get access to valuable ‘new to them’ topics. Some topics that you may have missed from the recent past include:
(full list can be found at this link - click here)

  • Name that Fraud - link
  • Cryptocurrency Part I: Okay But What Does That Mean? - link
  • The Real Cost of Business Email Compromise - link
  • Gaming in the Payments Industry - link
  • 10 Merchant Red Flags to Spot Before Boarding - link
  • The State of Disputes: Trends and Change Discussion Due to Rules and Chargeback Lifecycle Updates - link
As always, MAC is looking for our next great speaker and session.
  • If there is a topic that you want MAC to cover, email us at
    Many of the sessions scheduled were directly suggested by the MAC members.

  • If you are interested in speaking or know someone who is, please visit this page for more information on how to submit a Speaker Submission - click here.
  • If you are interested in volunteering and helping the Education committee build the Monthly Webinar Series, please visit this page - click here