Hear from MAC and Wnet industry leaders at the August webinar  

Posted By: Kristen Holmes (deleted) APP Dispatch, Events,

Join Chris Bucolo, MBA, PCIP, SVP, Market Strategy at Sysnet Global Solutions and industry leaders from Wnet for the first co-branded webinar on August 26. 

The webinar, Reinventing Yourself In A Fast-Changing World, will include top takeaways we hope you find useful as you navigate the future terrain.

We sat down with Chris, and he shared some insight into the upcoming webinar.

Chris will focus on practical tips he has found helpful, such as:

  • Important ways to quickly differentiate yourself in whatever new role or vocation you land 
    • What do you do to prepare for your next move? 
  • How often should you assess and analyze future options
    • Have you developed a new interest in your current industry, or even outside it?
    • Chris will give a few examples of how this happened to him and what to do when you recognize it.
  • Lessons learned around networking and its importance. No one gets there alone.
  • How to apply your risk management skills to your career decisions
    • Hint: It’s not a breeze but make sure you are weighing things that matter!

We encourage you to join industry veterans from MAC and Wnet as they share their tips for reinventing yourself in this changing world. Register here.