Join MAC's Secret Owl Society (S.O.S.)

Posted By: Diane Driscoll APP Dispatch, APP Monitor, Volunteer Openings,

Do you remember what it was like when you joined MAC and gained access to a whole new community of risk and fraud experts, but didn’t know who to interact with or how to become more involved with other members or the organization itself? Or the first time you attended a MAC event and saw a room full of people but didn’t know anyone? It can be a little intimidating to say the least! Now YOU can make a difference for a new member joining MAC or coming to their first event. If you enjoy meeting new people and are enthusiastic about our wonderful organization, then joining the MAC Secret Owl Society (S.O.S.) could be the perfect opportunity for you!

This volunteer opportunity does not require a set time for commitment, instead, you have the flexibility to be an Ambassador as often as your schedule allows.

If you are an interested member of MAC, click here for more information and become an owl.

Become an Owl