MAC Rebranding Project

Posted By: Mark Nelson APP Dispatch, APP Monitor,
MAC Rebranding Project

Continuing to build upon our 2020 strategic plan, we seek to further strengthen the alignment between why we exist (our mission), what we do (our promise), and who we are (our brand).  At our most recent Board meeting, we established a consensus on MAC’s top priorities for the coming year.  One of those will be a rebranding project to include a change in our name, logo, and tagline.

Why are we pursuing a rebrand? 

MAC is currently in a period of renewal, evolution, and growth. Following research and discussion, we determined that:

  • Our current brand, and specifically our organizational name, does not align with nor communicate our mission as clearly as it might have earlier in our history.
  • Our earlier culture had a reputation for being more exclusive and secretive than inclusive and transparent and we would like our brand to reinforce our desired and emerging culture.
  • Our new programs and services in development and planned member recruitment campaigns would benefit from a brand refresh prior to launch rather than post-launch.

 In short, we are looking toward a rebranding effort that brings our mission, our promise, and our brand into greater alignment; improves awareness and comprehension of our brand and name; and enhances our perceived reputation and relevance to a wider audience.  Accomplishing these goals will enable us to fulfill more of our mission potential and further expand the value we can deliver to members. 


Want to help?

There are at least two ways to engage.  If you have only a few minutes to contribute, over the next six months we will have a series of opportunities to complete short 5-10 minute surveys designed to get member feedback on our current and future brand elements.  We have a first survey available here (click here).


If you would like to be more involved, we are seeking volunteers to help with evaluating the proposals submitted in response to a branding RFP for this project.  Our target decision date is April 26.  Once selected and approved by the Board, we will be seeking a small group of volunteers to work with staff and the branding partner on this project over the next several months.  We especially seek individuals with prior marketing or branding experience to assist with this project, however, we are open to and encourage a diverse range of backgrounds to volunteer.  If you are interested in serving on the selection and/or the project committee for this effort, please send an email to


Watch the Dispatch and other MAC communication channels for additional information about this initiative over the coming months.