New Fraud-SIG Seeks Initial Steering Group

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One of the most requested new benefits at MAC is a community forum focused specifically on sharing fraud-related developments and trends.  It was the highest-rated potential new initiative by members on the most recent member survey.  As announced at Level Up ‘22, we are nearly ready to launch this group as the Strategic Interest Group on Fraud Trends (Fraud-SIG). We thank David Leppek from Pace Software for agreeing to serve as the initial Chair for this SIG. 

Based on member input, the proposed mission for the SIG is as follows:  

The Strategic Interest Group on Fraud Trends will provide a forum to connect and educate MAC members on current trends and best practices related to fraud identification and prevention in the payments industry. The group will also monitor developments in compliance requirements and expectations of payment networks and regulators as they relate to monitoring, reporting, or mitigating fraud and other forms of illegal transactions in the payment ecosystem.

We now seek at least three to five MAC members interested in serving as the initial steering committee to work with David and MAC staff to help the SIG launch successfully this summer.  The role of this committee will be to collaborate with David and other volunteers to craft an agenda and guide the execution of activities for this SIG over the course of the year, and encourage other members to become engaged in SIG activities. The estimated time commitment would be approximately 45-90 minutes per month. If you are interested in being part of the initial steering committee, please email to do so. We encourage members from diverse backgrounds and organizational types to volunteer for this SIG. From small to large, there are many possible volunteer roles to fill related to this SIG in the year ahead.  Examples include:  

  •       Contributing to short (1 or 2 pages) articles on specific topics for distribution to MAC members;
  •       Finding or serving as guest speakers for the SIG, webinars, or the annual conference;
  •       Moderating a community alerts board specific to this SIG;
  •       Sharing updates or sharing articles of interest to the group on ongoing or emerging fraud trends;
  •       Being part of the creation and evaluation of educational content as part of MAC’s strategic education initiative launching later this year;
  •       Collaborating on the creation of a new community within MAC that is inclusive and focused on a topic area central to the work of many MAC members.

We hope that you will answer our call and be part of this important new member-driven initiative that is well-aligned with MAC’s mission to protect the integrity of the payments ecosystem through education and information sharing. This is a great opportunity to network, gain additional leadership experience, and help shape a volunteer community focused on fraud identification and prevention in payments.

We look forward to your interest and participation in MAC’s new Fraud-SIG. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the steering committee or volunteer roles.


Kind regards,

Mark Nelson, Ph.D., MBA, FASAE, CAE David Leppek
Executive Director, MAC President, Pace Software