MAC Monitor - Have You Had a Question and Did Not Know Who to Ask? MAC Has Your Problem Solved!

Posted By: Adrienne Gray APP Monitor,

We’ve all had a problem and felt like we weren’t the only ones it confounded. If you’re a MAC member, then you have the ability to reach out and ask others using the power of MAC’s collaboration mission.

The Ask MAC Members forum can be used to ask the entire membership general questions regarding a particular problem, contact requests, or any information request that is not directly tied to a particular merchant. It is one of the many Forms that can be sent via the MAC Alert system. The MAC Alerts is a member-only communication tool that is included in your member benefits. The MAC Alerts system that allows members to communicate and share information in an effort to improve the industry and strengthen our individual knowledge bases.

Typical Ask MAC Members questions include:

  • Does anyone have a recommendation for a vendor that handles XYZ?
  • I’m looking a contact at ABC. Does anyone know someone they can connect me with?
  • I'm wondering if anyone knows who uses MIDs such as Gxxxx?
  • I am seeking best practices related to departmental structure for ensuring segregation of duties as it relates to underwriting and risk monitoring processes.

We hope this inspires you to access MAC Alerts!  We would love to hear from you… just Ask MAC Members!



Here is how to access the Ask MAC Members forum:


  1. Sign into
  2. Click on Engage/MAC Alerts
  3. Click on the Access MAC Alerts Here box
  4. Click on My Groups


  1. Click on Ask MAC Members
  2. Click on the Post New Discussion box
  3. Write your question or request and click on post

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